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Chapter One

Divide and Conquer Tactics:

The "Clever System"

        The thought of an extraterrestrial civilization controlling and manipulating the human race seems far fetched.   Yet there are evidences which support it and cannot be ignored any longer.

          If you take all the information that is posted on this web site in collectively, you will realize the revelation.   The work I have done is very brief.  But enough is here to turn some heads.    The amount of information linked to UFOs is staggering.   I have information which has yet to be posted.     While I am not a proffesional writer I do try and do my best with the limited time I do have to do the work.

        In my research, I wasn't aware that the subject of UFOs was so deep.  It is riddled with mystery and symbolism.   I knew the government was holding something back but didn't know just what it was.   In time I realized there was much more to the subject of UFOs than alien visitation.  This web site was initially 1 megabyte in size, now it is pushing 20 megabytes.

        UFOs are linked to many subjects.  Astronomy, Language, Education, Ancient Civilizations, Religion, The Occult, Secret Societies, Satanism, are just a few.

Ancient Structures

        There are ancient structures on Earth which cannot be attributed by human intervention.   Structures that are built with such a precision they couldn't have been built with mankind's technology of the time.   These structures are aligned astronomically with precision that can only be achieved with an advanced technology.   Some structures demonstrate a knowledge that was unknown to the human race at the time they were built.    The Great Pyramid of Giza for example was designed with prophetic messages embedded  within it which tell of future events BEFORE they happened!  Foretelling the future is something only God can do!  I have placed a link in my links page for you to follow to look into this Pyramid of Prophecy.

        Regarding "The Revelation" banner I designed for my site, Earth, the Moon, a UFO, with the words "The Revelation" on it, you probably don't see it, but the texture map I used for the words "The Revelation" is a Mars texture.  I designed the banner to symbolize the connection between a Higher Power, Mars and Earth.    It also symbolizes something else which you will become aware of as you continue studying the contents of this site.

       "United we stand,..... Divided we fall.....", is the phrase which states that if we are in a state of unity we can learn more and accomplish anything.   But if we are divided, we destroy ourselves, and we do not realize knowledge.

        In this world, knowledge is power and power is knowledge.    And the ones with knowledge take advantage of those who lack it.   And those who lack knowledge do not even know what is REALLY going on.  Hence; "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." Hosea 4:6
Some questions for you to consider:

1) If you had the power and knowledge to create a new race of beings some where in space, would  you?

2) What would be you're purpose in creating a new race?

3) Would you want you're creation to work for you?

4) Would you want to control you're creation?

5) Would you posses some type of knowledge you would want to keep hidden from you're creation?

6) Is the learning of knowledge sin?

7) Would you think that if you're creation became more aware of what you know that you would lose control of them?

8) Would you devise some methods of preventing you're knowledge from being known?

9) How would you prevent you're creation from realizing you're knowledge?

10) Is somebody controlling and manipulating the human race?

        There are a lot of people out there who would just love to have control of the entire planet.   Do you suspect somebody already has control?

A Clever System

        Devising a system that would keep the people who lived in it in you're control while not revealing you're true intentions would be a very clever system to design.  It would have to be designed in such a way that no one who lived in it would realize that YOU had evil intentions toward or control of them.

A war montage.
War; the most successful way to divide a people.
If the people you are controlling become aware of what you are doing, how would you "muddy the water"?   War is the most popular divide and conquer tactic there is.   Several things can spark war.   Within this "clever" system, war would have to be subtly introduced in key parts of the world or within countries themselves, while not revealing that you're the one who started it.
        You would need members of you're secret society in all the right places to make sure the right things were done.

Educational System

        Division tactics can be subtle.   In places where you wouldn't expect.   In order to help hide you're secret, it would be in you're best interest to teach falsehoods while maintaining an innocence.   You would need to teach the people what YOU would want them to know.  You would obviously have something to hide and that is you're control over them.
        Whether you know this or not, we worship symbols every day which belong to a secret society.   A Satanic society.  One symbol we ALL know of, is the American flag.
        As a child going to school, every day I pledged allegiance to the American flag in the mornings without even realizing it was a symbol of a secret society called "The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake", or "Big Brother" as many call it today.    I also didn't realize it was a secret society that was up to no good.
        Burning the American flag is considered to be a bad thing to do.   Why do you think this is?  We all think it is a symbol "for liberty and justice for all", right?   We get upset when we see the American flag burn because we have been programmed to respect it, and defend it.    If it was linked to Satanism would you love to see it burn?

Territorial Division

Territorial Division

        Territorial division/language is an innocent way of dividing a people.   If different peoples are split up into different countries and taught different languages, it would both bring difficulty in communication and it would set the stage for potential wars.

Economic System - keeping you're creation preoccupied.

        The economic system was designed by our founding fathers.  It goes up and down like a yoyo.   The system is clearly unstable.  One must ask, why was it designed this way?  Certainly the founding fathers should have been smart enough to designed a stable system.   But they didn't.  Again, why?  What would be their purpose for designing it this way?   It is 1999 and still they haven't made the proper adjustments to accomplish a stable system.

        Within this unstable economic system, one always has to worry about money or whether or not they are going to lose their job in the future.

        The very structure keeps us running through life at 100 M.P.H like chickens with their heads chopped off.   And most don't even pay attention to what their governments are doing or what is REALLY going on around them.

        The song, "I'm In A Hurry (And Don't Know Why)" , by the country music band "Alabama", sums it all up..  It implies that we know we all are living life in the fast lane but don't know why.  You must seek an answer for this "why".   It should be more evident to you as you continue .....

The daily commute.
        A majority of arguments in the home are about money.   An increasing amount of  people are having to work longer hours just to pay their bills.  And because of the populous, people are spending more and more time in their automobiles commuting to/from work.  Spending more and more time away from home.  This puts a huge strain on the family.   A divide and conquer tactic?

        If there are any changes made to this system, the governments make them.  But they are careful as to how they do it.  Politicians are not stupid, they know the system is unstable, yet they will not do anything to fix it.

        Corporate down sizing, unemployment and welfare bring psychological pain, humility, hopelessness and sometimes death.   Many companies, in order to remain competitive, cut costs by laying off workers.   Many people end up taking jobs that pay less money than the job they had before.   This is all part of the unstable platform which was designed by our founding fathers.

Living on the Edge

Dreamworld,  by Midnight Oil
From "Diesel & Dust"

The Breakfast Creek hotel is up for sale
The last square mile of terra firma gavelled in the mail
so farewell to the Norfolk Island pines
No amount of make believe can help this heart of mine

End - your dreamworld is just about to end
Fall - your dreamworld is just about to fall
Yours dreamworld will fall

So shut that buckle and turn that key again
Take me to a place they say the dreaming never ends
Open wide drive that mystery road
Walk through eden's garden and then wonder as you go

Sign says honeymoon to rent
Cloudland into dreamland turns
The sun comes up and we all learn
Those wheels must turn

        Within this system, economic slow downs could be introduced into any part of the world.  This in turn affects other countries.   And the people within these countries would go through hardships, losing their jobs, etc., etc.  A cause for concern, and a cause for possible wars.    Many skirmishes among people were generated because of a companies closing their doors.

        People are under more stress now than ever before.  People don't have enough time to do anything any more except work and commute.  Technology was supposed to make our lives much simpler, giving us more leisure time, but instead it has done the opposite.  And this is only because the human race has failed to recognize this.

With the release of the UNIVAC, people were saying how in the future we would have more leisurely time because machines would do our work for us.
        We are all spending to much time working and not nearly enough time with each other.  And as time goes on, it is going to get worse.   We all have been programmed to believe that money is the most important thing there is and that money will solve all of our problems, when in fact it will not.   The end result is a planet full of over-worked, lonely people who are divided.
        Why hasn't the government done something to make life easier?  Such as decreasing the amount of hours in the work week?   Do you think their intent in keeping the system the way it is, is evil?

The Federal Welfare Dime

        The structure of the SSI(Supplemental Security Income; i.e.. Federal Welfare) system in the United States makes me wonder if the system was designed to help people or to keep applicants impoverished.  Most who are on SSI have disabilities, whether they be physical or mental disalities.

        In having a disability, you're more aware of how society is.   Because you experience first hand how people treat people who are different.   People who have disabilities are basically treated as outcasts. They are ignored.   As children they grow up being teased and ridiculed.  A person with a disability has it rougher in society than somebody who does not have one.   Many are forced to live in poverty because society refuses to employ them.

        Many people with disabilities are on SSI/SSA, most of which do not want to be, but have no choice in the matter.   With the way society is, they have great difficulty in finding employment positions.   There are laws that combat this, but they do no good.

        The basic monthly SSI check is the same in all states.   It is, $500 for one person, or $751 for a couple(Washington State).   Statistics can be found at Social Security web site.


        Different religious belief systems would be another divide and conquer tactic you can use to prevent you're truth from being known.

Buddha image inside a temple at Pagan. This is a painted plaster statue, made on a brick base. You can see the remains of wall paintings ofBuddhist scenes in the background.

The Christian Cross

        If it is combined with territorial division and the teaching of different languages, it would surely keep a people divided.  The human race wars over religious beliefs all the time.


Martin Luther King and his "I have a dream", speech.

        Racism is a very powerful tool you could use to keep people disunited.  Racial hatred generates war between different peoples/cultures within the same country and between different countries.

Disinformation Programs

        Many are already aware that the U.S. Government has disinformation programs designed to muddy the waters regarding UFOs.  Some even speculate that programs such as these are designed in such a way they reveal the truth little by little as time goes on.


            There is more to this "Clever System" than meets the eye.   It is called "FreeMasonry".   FreeMasonry is the heart of this "clever" operation.   There are many "Masons" around the world.    FreeMasonry is linked to Satanism, but not all Masons are evil or have evil intentions.   FreeMasonry is basically structured so that a majority of its members do not know what the true agenda is.   Superior Masons deliberately lie to their fellow Masons, as those Masons "deserve to be mislead"; 2) Explanations given to 95% of all Masons are wrong.   Listen to this quote from a Masonic author, Carl Claudy: "Cut through the outer shell and find a meaning; cut through that meaning and find another; under it, if you dig deep enough, you may find a third, a fourth -- who shall say how many teachings?"

            So we see that Freemasonry deliberately misleads its members.  This behavior is not limited to just its members, it extends to the human race.

             Freemasonry is a worship of Lucifer by the top 5% of all Masons.   You can spot evidences of Satanism all over the world. There are numerous Masonic/Satanic symbols on this web site, all of which originate from this secret society called,  "The Brotherhood of the Serpent/Snake".  Many call it "Big Brother" without erven realizing the truth.

One final note before you go on....

        As life gets more and more difficult to live, people will pay more attention to their governments wondering why they won't make things better.  And people will realize just what these governments are doing.  And people will know who the REAL enemy is.

        Currently nearly 6 billion people are on this planet and the number continues to rise....   Everybody is so caught up in every day life they do not even realize they are being controlled by a higher power.  A power that is evil.

Chapter 2