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Pseudo Random

        Is there random in this universe? Granted, the universe is very mysterious and there is quite a bit we do not understand about it.

Fractals in nature; Lightning.

         We know that all physical matter in the universe obeys a set of laws, the laws of physics.   With law comes pre-determinability.   If you follow a recipe precisely, ..... say ..... one hundred times, the outcome will always taste the same as the first time you cooked it.   Unless that recipe changes, the outcome will always taste the same.  The entire universe and everything within it works the same as that recipe.  For every scenerio/recipe within the universe, there is a predetermined outcome for it.

The Lotto Machine generates pseudo random numbers.

          Mathematics is the language of the universe.   Design any mathematical algorithm.   When you attempt to solve it, you will discover that the answer was already there.

        What ever method you choose to pick a random number, you must realize that the result is predetermined and is not random.

The Mandelbrot Set; Animation; zooming into the Mandelbrot set
Please allow animation to load completely, or not.~
        The Mandelbrot (seen above) is based on a simple mathematical formula; Z=Z^2+C.   You can zoom into it for all eternity seeing different fractal designs, designs that are reminiscent of things we see in nature.

Another example of Fractal geometry in nature.
Notice the veins within the leaves.

       Some people think that fractal geometry is a representation of chaos. The word chaos means, 1) The disorder of formless matter and infinite space, 2) extreme confusion or disorder.    Fractals are based on mathematics,
which are predetermined.  If something is predetermined it also has to be in order.  How can fractals be chaotic?

Notice the branches on this tree?

The outline of land mass and the 

outline of clouds, . . . fractal geometry.

The outline of precipitation using doppler radar, some place you'd least expect, again is fractal.

Path of Hurricane Chantal July 13-20 1995.

Notice the arms of the Mandelbrot set, they resemble lightning or the path of a hurricane.

           The path of a hurricane is fractal.  The outline of clouds and the outline of precipitation, it's all fractal!   And fractals are based on mathematics!  Which are predetermined.

Hurricane Fran
            Fractal geometry is every where you look.  The human brain, lungs, blood veins, and your nervous system.

The human brain; more Fractals.

Free Will

        I often wonder how God would grant free will to His children in a universe in which random does not exist.  I thought of three ways;  pre determinability, random chance or dynamics.

        If our lives are predetermined,  like mathematics and the physical universe, our fate would already be written.  We would be preprogrammed robots doomed to a future we cannot change.  Even if God left out knowledge of future events, this method still wouldn't even be close to free will.

        If life was based on dynamics however,  then the future can be changed.  Our behavior changes dynamically so the future would have to as well.   There is an enormous amount of work that would go into such a system. It means that all past prophecies that were inspired by God regarding the future would have to be changed dynamically to fit a new future.  Our memories about these prophecies would have to change as well.

         Revelation chapter 13 depicts a cashless society in our future.  The Book of Revelation was written approximately 2000 years ago.   Today cash is rapidly becoming obsolete.  We are using cash cards more now than ever before.   If we all suddenly decided not to use plastic money, would the prophecy change?   It would have to, and our memories of it as well to fit a new future.

        Statements like, "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it," only proves our lives are based on dynamics. If lack of knowledge will cause repetition for a given circumstance, then obviously, it is a dynamic.

        I cling to the 'dynamic' theory because it is the only logical conclusion to the problem of granting free will.    Using Random chance as the engine for life is illogical because you wouldn't be able to predict the future.

        There are many people who think that there is random within the universe when there is not.