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Crop Circles

        Crop circles should not be ignored.  Some are manufactured by men some are not.

        The genuine crop design or pictorial has characteristics that cannot be duplicated by man.  Whether or not the above or below designs are genuine is not the case here.  If these two are genuine, the creators are obviously trying to draw our attention to the area to make the connection between Earth and Mars.  There may also be a message within the designs themselves.  In the background of the above photo you see Silbury Hill which is a duplicate of the mound in the Cydonia region on Mars.  In the background of the below photo you see the Wiltshire crater, an exact duplicate of the crater on Mars.

        Some crop circles are of a Luciferic design, (a five pointed star).  Could Lucifer be "rubbing it in", I mean, the human race is ignorant, remember?  Or maybe Christ's army is trying to bring us to realize the connection between Avebury, England, Cydonia, Mars, Washington D.C. and Luciferic symbols.

       Some crop circle designs resemble the Mandelbrot set.  The argument between genuine and fake is settled on the molecular level.  In a genuine design the plant has been changed on the molecular level, the plant has become magnetized.   Dr. Levengood of the University of Michigan has concluded this.

        With this spiritual war, it should be known that if Christ (who is for the truth) is trying to communicate with us through crop designs, then these communications might be muddied by the ones who had Him killed.   The ones who had Him killed for teaching the truth do not want us to realize the revelation, so they most likely create their own crop designs to throw us off the track to spiritual recovery.

Are crop circles being created as messages to aliens?

by a fellow researcher

        One of the most widely accepted theories is that they are being created by someone not of this earth. What if its just the opposite? Suppose some of these "aliens" are living here on Planet Earth and found a way to send messages without using radio signals which can be picked up and decoded. Perhaps they, or even humans who are in league with them, are creating the circles as a form of communication. Many of the circles are believed to contain information about earth technology including DNA. Maybe someone is getting pictures of the circles as they travel thru our area. They would know how to decipher whatever messages are there. Could this be a way of someone helping aliens to stay abreast of developments here on earth?

        It could be the Illuminati are communicating to the aliens via crop circles or vise versa.   These circles might be in reference to family members within their satanic cult or maybe they might be in reference to governmental places.   There is much more here than this I believe.

        Clicking HERE will take you to an interesting crop circle page one of my fellow researchers found. .