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In Conclusion

        1)  These Fallen angels(Nephilim) came to earth along time ago and combined their genes with the Neandethals and created humans as a slave race.

        2)  These Nephilim have been keeping us(the human race) divided through divide and conquer techniques so we do not realize their operation.

        3)  Their intentions from the very beginning have always been evil.

        4)  They worship Lucifer.

        5)   Their rituals have been taking place all through time right under our noses and a majority of the human race didn't even know.   And most STILL do not know.

        6)   They built a majority of the ancient structures on Earth and built the structures on Mars with anti gravity and laser technology.

        7)    Satan has always been in control of the Church.   People who goto Church are unknowingly worshipping the Devil.

        8)    The top 5%(The Elite) of FreeMasons are Satanists and deliberately lie to fellow masons on purpose as to what the true agenda is.

        9)    This is a spiritual war.   (Good against Evil)

      10)     The Judgments that are falling on the human race are not from God but from ourselves.

      11)     When all this is over with, I am not going to turn to you and say, "There, you see?  I told you so."

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